Shipbob 3pl Fulfillment For Ecommerce Review 2022

Need A 3pl For Your Ecommerce Business?

Are you one of the many online business owners who are looking for a third-party logistics (3pl) provider? If so, you may be wondering if Shipbob is the right fit for you.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why Shipbob fulfillment solution is a great choice for online businesses and outline some of the benefits that come with using the Shipbob 3pl service.

Why trust our review?

In 2021 we tested out Shipbob with our online store and sent inventory to the new Melbourne (Altona) Shipbob Australia warehouse. So we know what we are talking about and our opinions are based on real experience with Shipbob, shipping orders, to real customers!

We think Shipbob offers a genuine competitive advantage, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Shipbob 3pl?

ShipBob is a global logistics company (also known as 3rd Party Logistics | 3pl) that provides outsource fulfillment (basically ship orders) for direct-to consumer ecommerce brands.

They help small and medium sized businesses operating in the ecommerce space succeed by providing fast and affordable shipping that has multiple benefits for the business owner and the overall customer experience.

What Is Outsourced Fulfillment?

Outsourcing order fulfillment is a great way to free up time and resources for other important tasks. When you outsource your fulfillment, the company acting as an custodian of inventory stores it in their warehouses or onsite and basically takes care of the storage of your inventory, picking, packing, and shipment of orders to your customers.

The idea getting a 3PL fulfillment company to fulfill orders can be daunting, we know… but it is most definitely worth investigating,

Shipbob Services

Ship bob supply chain and logistics services include:

– Fulfilling orders (pick and pack, shipping labels, and shipping)

– Warehousing / Fulfillment Center (receiving, storage)

– Integrations with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Shipstation

– Automate fulfillment with the leading ecommerce platforms

– Access to Shipbob’s software / Technology Stack (shipment management tools)

– Distributed inventory

– Kitting (combining multiple products for a complete order or ‘kit’)

– Warehouse automation

– Warehouse management software (real time data)

– Returns management

– Customization (custom packaging, packing boxes)

– International shipping

– International fulfillment centers

– Express shipping & Supply Chain solutions

– Transparent fulfillment costs / Transparent shipping costs

– Fee advanced reporting

– Global support team

Should I Consider Using A 3pl Like Shipbob?

Managing your own inventory and logistics operations can be time consuming, complex, and expensive to manage your own logistics operations.

As your business grows, fulfilling orders inhouse becomes increasingly expensive. These costs include warehouse space, equipment, warehouse management software (WMS), recruiting and labor costs, workers comp, and insurance.

A 3pl like Shipbob provides third party logistics services that can take the burden off of you so you can focus on what you’re good at – running your business, not standing in line at the post office!

A 3pl’s automated shipping software also helps to eliminate costly mistakes by streamlining your shipping process, plus the added benefit of storing your inventory!

Shipbob operates at scale and you get the added benefit of reduce the fulfillment pricing model and fast 2 day shipping.

Shipbob Ecommerce Direct Integrations

ShipBob partners directly with many of the leading ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to streamline order fulfillment. As you can see Shipbob integrates has got you covered with seamless direct integrations:

Shipbob Direct Integrations (shown with orange tick)

Ecommerce Operations Tools & Software

If you are looking for tools for managing inventory, forecasting demand, and order handling, there are many options with direction integrations. ShipBob partners with the all the leading platforms to scale your business and brand.

Shipbob Direct Integrations (shown with orange tick)

How Many Fulfillment Centers Does Shipbob Have?

Shipbob has fulfillment centers all over the world and the list keeps growing.

There are over 15 fulfillment centers across continental USA, plus international fulfillment warehouses in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, and Ireland.

If you are running an Ecommerce business in any of these locations or neighboring countries and looking fulfillment services from Shipbob you can get quick quote here.

Regardless of which country or location you use Shipbob you can be confident that the same methodical order fulfillment process is used.

Check if there is a fulfillment center near you:

Who Are Shipbob’s Competitors?

In the ecommerce space Shipbob does not have many competitors, this is particularly true for low monthly volumes.

Shipbob does not have a minimum quantity like many of the larger 3PL’s as such in many cases it is the only option.

If you know of any good alternative fulfillment companies to Shipbob let me know in the comments.

What Does Shipbob Cost? Can I save $$$

ShipBob’s pricing is built around the total fulfillment cost for direct-to-consumer order fulfillment, so it is easy to understand and you’ll know what your costs will be.

Shipbob has no hidden costs or charges. Using this service you should be able to get a handle on your total fulfillment costs if you make the transition in no time.

Shipbob Fees:

Standard fees for ShipBob can be broken down into the following categories:

Receiving your inventory – Flat rate, $25 for the first two hours ($40/man hour after the first two hours)

Warehousing your products – Monthly charge, $40 per pallet/month, $10 per shelf/month, $5 per bin/month

Shipping each order – Specific to the order, Varies based on destination, weight, dimensions, pick and pack quantity, packing materials required, shipping labels and shipping service.

In terms of other costs there really are not any, the software to manage inventory and integrate with your online store is all included. Having used Shipbob myself in Australia everything they say is true. The pricing structure is easy to understand, just one word of caution, all prices quoted are in USD.

How Do You Calculate Shipping Costs With Shipbob?

Shipbob shipping costs for an individual order can be easily calculated once you have a Shipbob account, however it is a good idea to contact Shipbob and get a quote for the country you are located.

Once you have your Shipbob account you can select the fulfillment center that you plan to use and use the online calculator.

It is worth noting that the weight of the product and dimensions can have a significant impact on shipping costs.

Shipbob charges based on ‘dimensional weight’ in certain circumstances, this is worth understanding before you start sending orders to Shipbob. This is not something unique to Shipbob you will find this is standard for a fulfillment provider.

For each country and region Shipbob uses a number shipping carriers to meeting customer expectations and requirements

Freight & Shipping Solutions

In the ecommerce business we know Last-mile fulfillment is an important part of the equation. When we lasted checked ShipBob partnered with these leading carriers and shipping platforms.

Shipbob Direct Integrations (shown with orange tick)

Does Shipbob Have Minimums And If So What Are They?

Unlike traditional fulfillment services Shipbob does not have minimum monthly order volumes or warehousing limits. It does not matter what stage your ecommerce business is at an efficient class leading shipping strategy is possible with Shipbob.

This is why Shipbob is particularly good for the small business owners in the ecommerce space that is running out of room at home or office and needs to take the business to the next level.

If you are looking for an industry leading logistics solution but too small for the larger 3PL’s then get a quote from Shipbob and see if they could be good fit for your business.

What About Shipbob Support & Customer Service?

We all know that when using new technology and apps at some point you are going to run into a problem or two. What is important is how fast and pain free the issue can be resolved. We I setup Shipbob I did have to call on the customer service help desk and they were responsive and helpful.

As a side note, the issue I had was related to the shipping packaging. The product that was sent to Shipbob to manage was already in packaging suitable for shipment to the consumer. However unless you select ‘SIOC‘ (Send In Own Container) in the packing settings the team at Shipbob will put the package into another shipping carton.

So, we tested out the support process with the challenge that was encountered and the team did resolve it no problems and actually refunded the overcharge from shipping in additional packaging.

Shipbob: The Pros & Cons

ShipBob is a forward-thinking logistics company that takes the hassle out of ecommerce fulfillment service by providing inventory management, pick and pack service, plus 2 day delivery.

You can focus on what you do best: selling great products at competitive prices! However as with any outsourcing there is inevitably pros and cons. Let’s take a look:


1. Efficient order fulfillment services (low pick and pack fees)

2. Growing global network of fulfillment centers built for ecommerce businesses

3. Fast shipping speed (2 Day shipping method)

4. Transparent cost effective fee structure

5. Global support available when you need it

6. Option to use own custom branded boxes, packaging, and shipping label

7. Seamless Integration with leading ecommerce platforms (real time!)

8. Inventory management and management of returns

9. Streamlines your entire fulfillment process

10. Save time and money so you can focus on running your business

11. Maintain high customer satisfaction with consistent reliable delivery

12. Take small business supply chain management to the next level


1. Cannot contact fulfillment warehouse direct (via support desk only)

2. Two day shipping options not available in all countries

3. Pricing in USD not local country for non USA fulfillment locations

Summary And Wrap-Up

Having used Shipbob I can say that it is a great service if you are looking for a fulfillment partner.

ShipBob is a modern tech-enabled 3PL (third-party logistics) provider that provides exception order fulfillment service for direct-to-consumer brands like no other company is offering. They do much more than pack boxes!

The move to a 3PL like Shipbob should improve inventory management reduce shipping costs all things considered plus much more!

The Nxys Rating:

Ship faster and smarter with Shipbob fulfillment. We made the move in 2021, give it a try!


If you would like to get started with Shipbob request a customer quote for your business here.

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